Yale 2015, SophomoreYear

Ask me anything . . . .   Sophomore, Saybrook College.
This is basically my life at Yale: the things I find on my way to and from class, the moments that made me laugh and the times where I'm going to be complaining about classes. Bring it on, Veritas.

Also, feel free to ask questions. I actually love answering them. I'll be brutally honest.


Last night there was a LGBTQ/Latin@ party at La Casa. In the middle of it, I went to La Casa’s kitchen to get some water and saw a bunch of friends there. One of my babies from the Dominican Student Association was sitting next to the stove with a bowl of mangú and queso frito she’d just made. It was some of the best mangú I’ve ever had. 

this may or may not have been me. sorry i’m not sorry.

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Today in Gay History

Chauncey:There are several circles that hold dominant gay cultures here at Yale. It's sort of a checklist you guys go through the see if someone is gay. Theatre, check. A cappella, check. La Casa, Check.
Me:::snaps:: Even our Gay history Professor agrees that there are no straight Latinos.
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Started off my day

With the cute punk worker from KBT telling me he likes my outfit today and that he likes my style, that it’s not the typical “Yale Student”

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Mangu Brunch with the Dominican Student Association. Come backkkkkkkk.

Mangu Brunch with the Dominican Student Association. Come backkkkkkkk.

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So I’ve been really bad at posting on here.

I’m going to attempt to fix this……

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Anonymous asked: what do you think of Dwight Hall??


I’m not heavily involved with Dwight Hall, but for people that are interested in service, it definitely has a wide range of options/groups to get involved with. I’ve done a couple of their Yale Day of Service events, where for an entire Saturday afternoon you do service in New Haven regardless if you are part of a Dhall group. I was also a part of DEMOS where we went out to a New Haven public school and taught elementary school kids science, and I really loved that group. 

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Just sitting in Davenport Common Room

About to meet Rob Denbleyker, one of the artists/illustrators of Cyanide and Happiness.  Nbd. 

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Reach Out: Yspaniola

So during Spring Break I went to the Dominican Republic and tutored kids in English.  

There was one girl I worked with who was 14 years old. I taught her the alphabet. And I remember her thanking me a million times. Every time she saw me while I was at the Batey, she always ran up to me and hugged me soo tightly. 

I was just emailed photos of her in school, with the biggest smile….writing…in english. 

I’m legit tearing up right now, this is so beautiful.

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It’s times like these

when I actually love Science HIll. Going from the Chemistry Research Building to Kline Biology Tower through the underground tunnels and not having to experience the rage that is the weather outside.

Science Hill: +1

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silizzle asked: Hi! awesome blog :) If you don't mind, may I ask why you switched from Chemical Engineering to Chemistry? I'm actually considering both of those majors (and applying to Yale) :P thanks!


Thanks! So I walked into Yale with a misconstrued idea of what Chem E. was. I did research in high school at Princeton’s Chemical and Biological Engineering Department were I worked on peptide engineering for cancer therapeutics. So I connected medicine to chemical engineering. Yale’s Chem E department focuses more on energy and materials, which wasn’t what I was look for. I was more interested in medicinal chemistry. During my orgo lab class I met someone who worked in the Chemistry department in a lab that I was really interested in. They helped me realize that Chemistry fet in more with what I was going for and now I’m in their lab! That was pretty much my transition. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Yale Dining App

says they are serving tostones for dinner.

I don’t know whether to be excited or scared.

I will report back shortly.

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